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The format "LET'S PLAY NOT TO HURT”, as a message addressed to the children of the primary school of Barisciano (AQ) to raise awareness, through play and fun, of the importance of prevention in living environments.

​The "pilot" experience with the students from Abruzzo is transformed into a larger and more important project shared with the Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade of Rome. Thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding between VV.F. and SMAILERS, a Social Communication Campaign on "home safety" and "road safety" is undertaken, to promote a new way of educating through innovative didactic experimentation in the communicative language that allows you to "learn while laughing".


 (The initiative received the "Medal of Representation" from the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, for two editions and was held with the patronage of the main public institutions and under the aegis of many private entities)


Eliseo Theater (Apr. 2010)

Don Bosco Theater (Feb. 2013)


"HOME SWEET HOME" is the first interactive lesson-show designed to promote correct lifestyle habits and make the environments in which we live safer.

The initiative, held at the Teatro Eliseo in Rome in the presence of about 600 elementary school pupils, in collaboration with the Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade of Rome and with a cast of professional artists directed by Tiziana Foschi (ex "Premiata Ditta") , is meant to be a message aimed at children and teenagers to make them aware - through games and fun - of the importance of prevention and home safety.

The show has set itself the goal of increasing the perception of risk through the representation of witty and grotesque gags. The situations and critical moments in which children could come across domestic dangers have been highlighted and the basic procedures to avoid them or reduce their effects have been shown.


The second edition of the project took place on 15 February 2013 at the Don Bosco Theater in Rome, in the presence of over 350 elementary school children from the X Municipality.


The initiative had wide media coverage and received important institutional sponsorships, including that of the President of the Republic, who awarded a medal as a representation prize, as well as the adhesions of the Senate of the Republic and the Chamber of Deputies and the patronage of the Province of Rome, the Municipality of Rome, Inail, Ispesl and the contribution of the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies.
The news of Rai3 and Canale 5 intervened. 


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Il Mio Canale

Il Mio Canale

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San Vittorino (AQ) 2009 - Rome 2010

After the emergency of the 2009 Abruzzo earthquake, the Smailers continued their work of psychosocial support to the most fragile people, especially the elderly of San Vittorino, dedicating them moments of light-heartedness and  leisure. Particular attention is paid to the oldest person in the community who has become a symbol of the tent city, Nonno Giocondo, in need of special care and assistance).

The short film “Adopt a grandparent”  is dedicated to him.

first part
second part
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 Rome (2012 - 2017)

As part of the awareness campaign aimed at road safety prevention, a new project was born in collaboration with the Rome Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade: "Strade Future?...Strade Sicure!"  

The project for the pupils of some schools in the 1st district was carried out with the contribution of the Lazio Region - Department of Infrastructure and Public Works.

In 2013, the project won the Public Notice “Servizio Consiglio - Progetto n. 3”, called by the XIX Municipality of Rome, aimed at local schools.

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