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In April 2009, a small group of friends united by the same motivation intervenes with the role of civil protection volunteers in the municipalities of Abruzzo affected by the terrible earthquake.

During the common activities, he understands the importance of providing an emotional as well as a practical contribution to those who had directly experienced the tragedy and who had lost their homes and loved ones.

ASMILE therefore it becomes the simplest tool for transmitting human warmth by those who know how to give it to those who know how to welcome it.

That group of friends, once the emergency of the earthquake was over, felt a strong desire to return to those places and continue the work of assistance and solidarity, with the intention of relieving the tension of the heavy moments experienced during the earthquake.

                 Thus the association was bornSMAILERS!!

Our Association was established with the main objective of engaging in activities of 

          psychosocial support              training/operational type              didactic-educational

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