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Psychosocial, welfare and health interventions

The Association is committed to supporting the populations affected by the earthquake of Abruzzo (2009) and Emilia Romagna (2012) through periodic meetings with the local children and elderly people, with whom the volunteers have spent some days to donate moments of leisure. Considering the experience of some members in clown therapy activities in hospitals, the association pays attention to those in need of care, intervening with play workshops both in hospitals and in places where it is useful to ensure comfort.
A group of expert volunteers is ready to intervene in the event of disasters and emergencies to bring a little "lightness" and smiles to the affected populations.

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Training and operational activities
The Association is made up of multifunctional groups ready to intervene in the operational field in total autonomy and with professional skills appropriate to the emergency scenario. We enhance the existing skills within the group and take care of developing new ones through a basic training course in civil protection (First Aid, BLS, BLS-D, etc.), operational techniques (tent assembly, logistics, cooking , etc.), health and social welfare (entertainers, clowns, etc.)
Didactic-educational initiatives

The Association aims to spread a culture of prevention and safety especially among children and young people, helping them to understand the risks and dangers present in the various living environments, in order to reduce their effects and consequences.

For this reason it has launched a work of awareness, information and training by experimenting with a communication method, that of "learning-laughing", characterized by an ironic, playful, imaginative and "participatory animation" didactic-educational approach

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